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Three muscles smooth or striated participate in the closure of the rectum and anal canal. Ebony and ivory girls share loads of fun and cum. Watch and download xxii sex hot porn xxii sex images and get to mobile. Start studying rectum and anal canal.

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Watch stephanie tran HQ porn stephanie tran pics and get to mobile. At the anorectal flexure or angle, the anorectal junction is pulled anterosuperiorly by the puborectal sling to continue below as the anal canal.

Rectal examination

Huge titted tattooed whore gets her asshole wrecked. The anal canal is the terminal segment of the large intestine, between the rectum and anus, located below the level of the pelvic diaphragm.

Anal canal anatomy diagram

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Forms a sling around the rectum at the rectoanal junction. Specialized telecommunications assistance program.

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The largest part of the rectum and the cavernous body are supplied by the unpaired superior rectal artery. Tight blonde teen babe with hot ass fingers her gorgeous pussy. A very twisted college initiation story.

Inferior rectum and anal canal diagram

Urinary bladder, rectum, and anal canal.

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However, histologically it extends more proximally and includes the columns of morgagni and anal sinuses.

Anatomy of the rectum and anal canal

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The paired ischioanal fossae communicate with each other behind the anal canal. It is placed between the sigmoid colon above and the anal ca. Long and passes into the anal canal.

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Enlarged vascular cushions in lower rectum and anal canal. Old dude gets cocksucked by teen. The anal canal is the final segment of the gastrointestinal tract, extending between the rectum and the anus.

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You can share with your classmates, or teachers can make the flash cards for the entire class. Evaluation for nodal and distant metastases in patients with colorectal cancer is still the domain of ct. Enjoy watching rima XXX porn pics in HD.

Rectum and anal canal diagram