The facts about vaginal discharge


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Normal vs abnormal vaginal discharge

Any fluid that comes from the vagina is called a vaginal discharge. Fit latina cam big ass masturbating tight leggings. Vaginal discharge is mainly produced by the secreting glands located in the cervix and vaginal walls.

Vaginal discharge and the hidden cost to conform

Normal vaginal discharge is considered to be white, clear, creamy or very slightly yellow.

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

This is due to the fact that vaginal discharge plays the important role of cleansing the reproductive system.

What your vaginal discharge says about you

It consists mostly of mucus, which is secreted by the cervix for the purpose of bacter bacteria, some cells of the vaginal walls and water. It is also produced to provide natural lubrication for sexual intercourse. Healthy vaginal discharge is clear or white, odorless and fluid.

Vaginal discharge and odor

As a woman, there are nine facts you need to know about vaginal discharge. Watch rough pullhair HQ porn rough pullhair pics an download it.

Doctors reveal five smells and colours in vaginal discharge that could spell danger

Vaginal discharge is a thick fluid that comes out of your vagina and it's something every woman has in her body.

Vaginal discharge color guide

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When to see a doctor about vaginal discharge

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What causes abnormal vaginal discharge

A normal vaginal discharge is without foul smell and not accompanied with itching.

What is vaginal discharge

Everyone with a vagina has regular vaginal discharge. Our collection includes hundreds of thousands of free horny fat BBW gets fucked porno images. Generally, some discharge from the vagina is a part of body secretions.

Things your vaginal discharge is trying to tell you